Creativity, Resourcefulness and Hard Work are Where You Find Them

In case there is any doubt of the power of creativity, hard work and intelligence, the continuing story of Tangson proves otherwise.  Working with limited assets he has turned a difficult Zambian farming environment into a successful and growing venture.

 The family home and  out buildings are substantial. Sound animal husbandry practices provide healthy cows, goats and chickens. Tangson created an enviable fresh water system.  Family members practice stringent hygienic procedures.  All of this is a result of cultivating corn crops year after year which support the family, provides funds for capital improvements and for education.   

Quoting word for word from  a recent communiqué  by members of Engineers Without Borders and a long term colleague of Tangson is the following “Improvements include solar panels on his roof, enough to power light bulbs at night and charge cell phones for his family and others in the village. He’s also expanded the cooking facilities for his first wife and plans to the same for his second. He owns a shop in the village from which he sells fertilizer and medicines for cattle. His children are older now and their English is very good these days.

 We found Tangson in the middle of the busy rainy season plowing,  planting and applying fertilizer. He’s planted a lot of maize this year along with soy and sunflower as he has found local markets for both. Over the years I have found Tangson has become more and more serious about his farming business. He does not take chances as much as before. Now he makes very calculated moves. I am impressed and have no doubt he and his family will continue to prosper in the years to come”.

Tangson is a community leader in every sense of the word

Where does the enterprise go from here? Mechanization is an obvious next step. One can easily discount this as a realistic plan considering limited financial resources and experience. Anyone betting against this outcome considering Tangson’ accomplishments to date?