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You’ve got me, who’s got you?

Movies are a vast reservoir of quotable quotes. One favorite originates from Superman when he rescues Lois Lane,  saying  “Easy Miss, I’ve got you…..and she  asks…. ”You’ve got me, who’s got you?” The scene portrays Superman rescuing Lois Lane as she was falling from a Metropolis skyscraer.

The question “You’ve got me, who’s got you” is worthy of a conversation.

In the context of Superman and Lois Lane, the action, while wondrous, is a straight forward and timely rescue.

Applying a much broader interpretation of who’s got you takes us to a different place. At birth, hopefully we are helped by health oriented professionals, institutions, family and friends. For many, the journey continues through education, career building, family formation, recreation, spiritual support. A Common denominator is the multitude of individuals lending a hand along the way.

Under certain circumstances Superman might have well replied, “Sometimes no one”, to the question” Who’s got you?” Imagine his  world in which no one’s got him.  No parents, no siblings, no educators, no coaches, no health providers, no artists, no friends or companions.

An environment absent of any supports is like a vacuum, forces are soon marshaled to fill the voids. Examples are with us every day and everywhere from disaster assistance, to famine, to individuals in distress to… any number of tragic circumstances. Organizations abound to fill the voids.  More remarkable is the creation of intervening initiatives reacting to specific circumstances. They can be short lived or the beginning of something long lasting.

Superman had a head start but he has no immunity to unforeseen, troublesome events. His life can be thrown into disarray by circumstances well beyond his control

Situations often take a nasty turn. His attributes such as faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound may diminish. He will become closer to a mere mortal and suffer the consequences. Or Superman could be permanently disabled if Lex Luthor is successful with his Kryptonite caper.

In these cases, a support group will organize.  Batman, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Wonder Woman and Spider Man among others are only a text away from recognizing the dilemma, quickly marshaling resources to fill the vacuum.

Then Superman can answer yes when asked who’s got you adding, many friends, acquaintances and fans now make up a very robust support group.