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The Bear Nation

Life returned to normal for the Three Bears following the Goldilocks Affair. During the ensuing decade the family grew to twelve, enabling Mama Bear to declare the founding of Bear Nation.

A pressing reason for organizing was an external threat. Bears from elsewhere and in particular those on the southern borders had territorial envy; looking longingly at superior resources to the north. Clearly organizing under a single banner will engender a sense of security, and optimism including the capacity to prosper. Together twelve bears acting in unison were stronger than facing the future alone.

Mama Bear consistently demonstrated leadership skills. Her actions immediately after the Goldilocks Affair prevented Papa Bear from escalating the incident when he wanted to pursue the intruder with retribution in mind. Mama Bear intervened, believing such action would cause reputational risk for bears everywhere.

Designing and implementing a long term plan for the family’s future was a major objective on her bucket list; a further testimony to Mama’s Bears foresight and leadership skills.

Mama Bear’s vision includes the creation of the Ten District Bear Nation.  Her role will be what all mothers do….. Worrying, mentoring, responding in times of need, providing counsel when counsel is asked for, ensuring good health, good education, mediating disputes and dealing with uninvited external interventions

Implementation remains a work in process. Certain services will be common to all the citizens of Bear Nation. Defense, financial management, health to name three.  Sufficient resources will be collected from each region to finance the universal benefits.

An innovation….Mama Bear intends to level the playing field by the sharing of riches.  Economic cycles will result in changing levels of prosperity. Some districts will enjoy periods of good fortune; coincidentally others will be less well off. Those which exceed an agreed on standard will contribute to a pool and regions which are below the standard will collect from the pool.

Thus in in certain times districts will capitalize on periods of exceptional wealth creation and enterprising skills, sharing with areas whose fortunes are not as robust because of conditions beyond their control.

A common currency is required; pemmican has been selected, supplied by Indigenous peoples from the surrounding regions.

Mindful of current occupants  through out all of Bear Nation, Mama Bear  and her associates are formulating policies that will ensure inclusion and belonging for all.

The Ten Bears fully supported  Mama Bear’s concept, knowing  that their district’s economy will wax and wane. Purposeful sharing will contribute to long term stability.

Nothing has been heard from Papa Bear for sometime.